DC sponsored snowboarders, Simon Cudlip and Faye Young  @fayeyoung

DC sponsored snowboarders, Simon Cudlip and Faye Young @fayeyoung

You may already be familiar with DC sponsored snowboarders, Simon Cudlip and Faye Young, as we previously teamed up with the two adrenaline junkies on the slopes of Austria. This weekend however, we decided to take them off the slopes and chuck them into the deep end of the New Forest Waterpark.


Our adventure started at the New Forest Water Park, which is home to a state of the art zip-wire used to pull wake boarders across the lake. This was the perfect summer solution for Simon and Faye, who could adapt their skillset and pull-off some extremely impressive tricks out on the lake.

When not shredding it out on the lake, Simon and Faye were giving us a cribs-styled tour of their weekend accommodation and ride.

As the night drew closer, so did some of their mates. They put on a pretty good summer party and luckily we had no neighbours to worry about!

The next day they were assing around with some new found friends.

Simon had informed us the day before that horses were one of his fears, so we thought we'd organise a little surprise for him.

The whole weekend was a blast and we can't wait to share all the new and exciting long-form pieces we've been cooking up in the Vintra lab. Stay tuned.