Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the key platforms for any marketer and a great outlet for your messaging. We've been encouraging our clients to think about Facebook as a primary content channel for a while now, whether it's with a specifically produced social campaign or just sharing existing video. There is already a lot to think about with social so if you're looking to "Go Live" carry on reading and take a look at some examples, our tips and a few things to think about.

What is it?

In short, Facebook live is a feature that allows users, a page, profile or group to live stream to an audience. At the click, tap or press of a button you can broadcast straight from you smartphone, the content will then be saved and added as a permanent feature to your timeline. Some of the most popular social content of the last 12 months has been published using the live feature, as the 166m views to the right will show you.

It wasn't a long time ago Candace Payne became a star for taking the galaxy by storm with this video...

Do I Have to use my phone?

While it may have been developed as a tool for individuals to interact with their friends and followers, from anywhere in the world, using just their mobile phones, it's quick to see lots of broadcasting opportunities for brands and businesses. These may require a little more than a selfie stick and a 4g connection so there are lots of options offering multicam and AV solutions, that can transform your FB Live event into something  more akin to what you expect to see on TV, although I think this micro cookery program (left) is a little way off ending up a Saturday morning staple. If you want to see some examples of our multicam Live Events get in touch, but in the meantime check out our tips below.

I think I'll just stick something in the Micro for dinner tonight... 


Vintra's Facebook Live Tips


  • Live Doesn't Mean Short-Lived

Get it right and make sure you're happy with your video as it can become an important permanent fixture on your timeline. The last few Facebook Live broadcasts we've run for our clients have become, over time, their most popular videos. Whilst a high live engagement is great, it'll normally be a fraction of the total views the video will garner. Facebook does a pretty good job of promoting your content to the audience, so make sure you know what to expect and consider how you want to be seen before shooting it yourself and ending up with a "found-footage" style video that sounds like it was shot underwater as your most popular Facebook content.


  • Testing, Testing, 123

You've spent the time money and effort carefully crafting an engaging and original Live Campaign, so don't let anything go wrong. As with anything live, everything needs to work first-time, check your equipment, whether it's a 5 year old smartphone you're planning to use or broadcast quality kit. Do your mic's work? Is the video viewable? Are your batteries charged and do you have a backup? Maybe most important is your internet connection, if you've gone down the phone route, try to use a good wifi connection rather than 4G and always opt for a hardwired connection if you have the kit. The last thing you want is for your stream to be cut short.


  • Don't Throw a One-Man Party

You wouldn't throw a bash without inviting anyone, this is no different. If you have no-one to invite, expand your reach and grow your following before trying anything, all followers will automatically be notified when you go live. You don't want to end up the star of your own FB Live pity-party, so when you do have a following make sure the right people are getting invites, whether that's influencers or target audience, promote your event ahead of time and make announcements leading up to it so people are ready and waiting.


  • Try Not to Ignore Your Guests

You're broadcasting, it's going well, people are tuning in, they're even commenting! Success! Well, nearly. Make sure you have people on hand to answer any questions in the comments and try to interact with good or on-topic posts, mentioning user names and even directly answering questions as they come in is a great way to make viewers feel like they're really part of this and will encourage more people to get involved. This doesn't stop when the stream stops either, be prepared for people watching this at a later date, whether its an hour later, the next day or even a month down the line, their questions and comments will still need answers.


  • What's It All About?

Going live is all well and good, Facebook even notifies all your followers, so why not go live all the time? Just remember people aren't forced to tune in, so letting everyone know exactly why the should is important. So first, make sure you have something to say and second make sure it's obvious for people deciding whether to tune in. Write a good description and make sure it's interesting enough for people to take a peek and accurate enough that viewers feel they're getting what they expected. A small number of truly interested viewers is much more valuable than lots of people coming to the show and leaving early and disappointed.


And so ends our Tips for Facebook Live, we have a range of option available for anyone looking to start broadcasting video via social channels, so if that's you, get in touch!