Legal & General


We've worked with L&G helping to bring their financials to life for investors since 2010, but with a a changing social view on economics and a host of social projects and products, they wanted to engage a much wider audience.  Together we conceptualised a series of videos, which inform and demonstrate Legal & General's results and position, clearly and jargon-free. The videos were well received on social media with more engagement than any content from the previous 6 months and sparking conversations across all social platforms.


Nigel Wilson discusses the need for the private sector and the government to work in partnership and make real activity happen.

Nigel Wilson discussing that we're still in the very early days of our investment in housing.

Nigel Wilson sates we have simply under invested in all of the cities in Britain for the last 30 years from Cardiff, to Birmingham, to Manchester, to Leeds: everywhere we go we see under investment in infrastructure.